About Us


Our Approach

Indian Institute of Management Studies is continuously working towards success of our students in developing Skill, by integrating rigorous academic excellence with exposure to real business experiences.

We help Student in Depth after Admission process at every stage of their need unto completion of Course. IIMS education is not limited to academic accomplishments alone and extends much beyond the mainstream classroom education. Our emphasis is on overall development of the student both on the professional and personal front. Teamwork, problem solving, leadership skills, decision making, and goal achievements are areas that are addressed effectively to build flourishing careers in business management.


Our Story

As a Success Story, We are a Successful Management Institute based in Pune started in 2011. We are aiming at higher level carrier of Student with Soft Skill, professional development & helping student to be strong enough to based on real time environment.

Intellinxt 360 Degree Learning at IIMS

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Features :

  • Online Lectures
  • Video Tutorials
  • Soft Copy of Books
  • Recorded lectures
  • PPT presentation with Audio Voice
  • Online Assignment
  • Hard copy of books

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