Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Course B.Sc.IT(Online)

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Bachelors of Science in Information Technology



This course provides extensive knowledge of Computer and programming logic environment in IT.

Helps develop strong analytical and problem solving skills. Imparts skills needed to work with advanced IT applications in different business sectors. Equips students with the knowledge required to handle multi-tasking and multi-programming situations and to assess and develop computer based solutions.

Course Objective:


  • To synergize Information Technology in its entire ramification.
  • To provide basic inputs in various aspects of and a broad understanding of IT and its other interdisciplinary interfaces.
  • Focus of the program is Information Technology and Management of Information Technology.
  • To cater to the needs of effectively managing the business by bridging the gap between managerial practices in vogue and Information Technology.


  • The student is eligible for BSc (IT) Program if he/she has HSC with Mathematics as a subject.                                                                                                             OR
  • Diploma (Three years after S.S.C. X th Std.) in allied branch is eligible for admission in B.Sc. (I.T.) degree course to Second year.



BSc-IT is of three academic year’s duration and a candidate who is admitted to BSc (IT) Program shall complete the degree within twice the duration of the Program i.e. six years from the date of his admission failing which he has to seek admission afresh.

Course Structure:

Year 1

Applied Mathematics I

Professional Communication Skills

Digital Computer Fundamentals

Electronics and Communication Technology

Mathematics II


Computer Graphics

Year 2

Web Designing and Programming


Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

Data Communication and Networking Standards

Advanced SQL

Introduction to C++ programming

Java and Data Structures

Year 3

Embedded Systems

Internet Technologies

Modern Operating Systems

Software Project Management

Network Security

Software Testing

Course Fee : Rs.23,000 per Year